Our Story

Our story began after a trip to St Georges’ market in Belfast where we found boxes full of old silverware, that clearly had a story to tell. We asked ourselves how could we bring them back to life? And with that, TwoSpoons was born.


We know what it’s like when you have something you really, really want to say, but sometimes you just can’t find the right words. We realised that these bespoke pieces of silverware were the perfect blank canvases for getting exactly the right message across.

By hand stamping messages on to them, in our studio near the shores of Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland, we are able to create a gift that says exactly what you want it to.

And we totally get that, just like our pieces, no celebration is the same, every relationship is different and that some of you even have your own secret language. But that’s grand, because we hand stamp each letter of your message, using the finest steel pins, so you can say whatever you like and embrace whatever makes you out of the ordinary.

To top it all off, each item comes in our eco-friendly packaging, so you don’t have to worry about gift-wrapping it. Plus you can feel that little bit better about yourself, knowing you’ve done the earth a little favour.

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