Look at these clever little chaps! A perfect gift for the cheese fan in your life. These pre-loved fish knives are just the ticket for cutting and stabbing your favourite cheese, be it squidgey or firm. The only thing to ponder, is which one of the four does it for you!


Here at TwoSpoons, all of our vintage cutlery is ethically sourced and repurposed at home in Ireland. All of our cutlery is EPNS, and therefore is dishwasher safe. However, we recommend you hand wash your piece to keep it looking beautiful for longer.

As we use authentic vintage cutlery, every piece is unique, therefore we can only give you an example of the piece you order.

Every order comes in our eco-friendly packaging for no extra cost.

Cheesy on the eye


    Discovered Far and wide.But ALWAyS Handstamped In Ireland