How to work creatively from home

Working from home can be a liberating adventure! At TwoSpoons we love that we are lucky enough to do what we love, where we love.

Get Up early

Living beside the sea adds an extra special dimension to working from home. TwoSpoons is fortunate enough to be located on the shores of Strangford Lough in the beautiful Co Down in Ireland. We wake to the sound of seabirds and watch the sky through the roof lights of our cottage. How is that for a get up and go start to the day? No matter whether we are stamping or at a trade event or visiting a stockist, we dress for work. It would be easy to wear pyjamas if we were in our workroom all day, but that doesn’t create the discipline that makes us productive. So it’s up and at it as if we had a commute to get on with, even if it’s only 10steps into the workroom

Create your space

When managing your workload from home, it doesn’t matter how big or small your house is. What matters is that you find a separate workspace. Giving it a name (the office, the studio, the study), helps to make you feel that you are going to work. We have a workroom at TwoSpoons – it’s not big but it has lots of natural light and a big enough table to enable us to spread out and get creative..

Take a break

This doesn’t mean going to get a coffee from the kitchen. When you work from home, you can easily work long hours with barely a loo break, because of the flexibility of no predetermined lunchtimes or finishing times. So we always take a decent outdoor walk as our break. With sandwich in our pocket and dogs at our heels, we stride out across the countryside for an hour. We talk as we walk, often coming up with new ideas for our products. When we get back and kick off our boots, we are energized and ready (armed with a good quality coffee and a bowl of fresh fruit sitting on the table) for the second innings of the day.

Categorise your work blocks

Creating from home means you are all thing to all people in business terms and it would be easy to flit from one thing to another if we let ourselves! So we choose to fit our days into 3 blocks of work time to help us manage the different objectives that we need to achieve. We have “thinking days “ when we draw up plans for new products, or research the events we are going to attend over the forthcoming months, measure our progress against our marketing goals or perhaps work on ideas for our social media strategy. We have “hammer days” when we stamp out orders and concentrate on building up stock levels depending on what season we’re in and what trade events we have coming up. Then we have “bookwork days” when we catch up on invoices, update the website, write blog posts,

Stop on a high

There is nothing better than getting through the orders without any hiccups, or having the car packed to the gunnels ready for early morning travel to an event. With a deadline in front of us, we don’t stop until we have everything finished. Sometimes that means it’s a late night, but the satisfaction gives us a real buzz.

Great feeling!

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