Have YOUR say on World Language Day!

The United Nations created World Language Days way back in 2010. Their purpose was to celebrate the 6 working languages that are spoken within the UN and to increase understanding of the cultures behind them. The language days are celebrated in the following order: French (20th March), Chinese (20th April), Spanish and English (23rd April), Russian (6th June) and Arabic (18th December). English Language Day is celebrated this​ month on the day that William Shakespeare was (allegedly) born on - and coincidentally, died on.

We've had a lot of fun here at TwoSpoons working with customers, playing with words for personalised orders. Our favourite pieces to make can be whacky, romantic or just downright clever!

Our Top Three to date are:

  1. A handsome pair of serving spoons given as a wedding present to a couple who were both getting married for the second time around. The chosen words were "Mrs Never Again" and "Mr When Hell Freezes Over"!

  2. The prettiest butter knife with a mother-of-pearl handle that simply said the words "Universally Adored"

  3. A cake slice that was being given as a house warming present with the message "Your stuff, My stuff, Our stuff, Home"

No matter what the occasion, who you’re giving to or what you want to say, just have some fun getting those words down – it’s like giving a gift card that lasts forever.

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