Could You Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway?

Susan Jeffers' book (Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway) written in 1987 was a self help book aimed at those inhibited by a lack of confidence. It explored the theme of fear - not managing it, but understanding that the one single fear of not being able to handle what might happen, was the underlying cause of people not feeling confident enough to take a risk.

When you start a new business, self-confidence goes on a rollercoaster ride. At the beginning, we were coy about what we were creating. We said things like, "it's only a hobby" and "we're just having fun". Then we found ourselves on a journey of discovery - we were talking to shops who wanted to put our product onto their shelves. Suddenly, everything was different.

In a previous life, I would have found every reason for not taking a risk. I have a children to raise; I have a part time job to manage; I have a partner to keep happy; I have elderly parents to care for; I have limited funds to spare.....the list goes on. In Susan Jeffers book, I was a classic example of someone using any excuse to justify a fear of change.

Then we had a life changing event when we lost a member of our family.

So, now I recognise that I cannot control everything that is happening - but I can try really hard to exceed customers' expectations. I know I have a ton to learn, but I also have energy and enthusiasm to burn. I have never been so excited about the ideas that are buzzing around in my head and it creates a drive that allows me to work tirelessly at two jobs and still have a smile on my face.

We have just heard that TwoSpoons have got in to Gifted - a 5 day retail event in Dublin- in the run up to Christmas. It's bigger than anything we've ever done before! We are already preparing our trade stand and boosting our stock levels. It will be a killer on the feet, but I can't wait! I'm so pleased that TwoSpoons has this opportunity to show what it's made of. We will talk to lots of other businesses that will teach us great lessons. We will meet lots of new interesting customers who will help us improve our products. We will work long hours and pull together as a team to discover depths we didn't know we had.

We are feeling that fear... but we're going to do it anyway!

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