Love is in the Air ♡

Why not check out our Valentine’s Day line and spread a little more love this year with TwoSpoons.

Our vintage cutlery was been lovingly handstamped with sweet messages, such as ‘be mine’ and ‘love you’, for a Valentine’s Day gift your loved one can keep forever.

Valentine’s Day is the day where we celebrate love. It gives us the opportunity to share and give back to the people closest to us, but how did this loved up holiday come about? St. Valentine’s was originally a priest who conducted marriage ceremonies in 3rd Century Rome. Claudius II, the emperor at the time, believed that men would make better soldiers if they were single, but rather than go along with this new law, Valentine carried on conducting marriage ceremonies. Once he found out, Claudius II had poor Valentine killed off.

Two centuries after Valentine’s death, Pope Gelasius decided that February 14th should be St. Valentine’s Day.

However, it wasn’t associated with love until later on. It was believed that February 14th saw the start of the mating season for birds, and when this theory was added to the legend of Saint Valentines, it started to make sense that this day should be one on which to celebrate lovers.

Valentine’s Day messages became increasing popular after the year 1400. These messages originated from the legend that Saint Valentine was imprisoned and sent a message to his lover, signed “from your Valentine.” Although this is probably highly romanticised, it definitely explains one of the most popular phrases seen on Valentine’s Day cards.

Fast-forward a few hundred years, and Valentine’s Day cards started being mass produced by the thousands. In America in the 1840s, cards were being manufactured with lace, ribbon and other decorations. Today, there are now around one billion Valentine’s Day cards bought each year!

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